• Breathability

    The SuperSoft glove is lined with holes on the finger tops and back. These holes allow air to flow smoothly within the glove, keeping your hand cool and dry during play.

  • Shape

    The BackTees glove combines softness with strength and durability. The glove retains the shape of your hand even after it has been broken in. After a few rounds, the glove molds to your hand, providing the same feel every time you put it on.

Return Policy

At BackTeesGolf, we are committed to your satisfaction. If your glove drastically breaks within 7 days of arrival, we'll replace it, no questions asked.


  1. Contact us at backteesgolfco@gmail.com
  2. Send us detailed pictures and detailed description
  3. We'll promptly ship a replacement glove at no cost.

It's that simple. We stand behind our products to ensure your peace of mind.