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The SuperSoft glove was created to ensure top quality and durability at an excellent price. BackTees gloves are made out of pure 100% Cabretta leather, handcrafted every single time. 100% pure Cabretta leather not only creates a lush, soft feel but also provides long-lasting durability.


Each glove is hand-stitched to ensure that we create the best product every time. Inconsistencies are not a problem due to the meticulous process and setup before stitching the gloves. Our repeatable process ensures that each glove comes out the same while being handcrafted with care and passion.

  • Shape

    The BackTees glove combines softness with strength and durability. The glove retains the shape of your hand even after it has been broken in. After a few rounds, the glove molds to your hand, providing the same feel every time you put it on.

  • Breathability

    The SuperSoft glove is lined with holes on the finger tops and back. These holes allow air to flow smoothly within the glove, keeping your hand cool and dry during play.